Key Yonkers

1. Key Yonkers Development Projects → Green Lights

  • YIDA granted approved a host of apartment approvals
  • 705 Bronx River Rd → Rezone: Commercial to Residential → 9 story, 160 units Apartment Building with parking by Stagg Group will start this Spring (Total cost $35 Million): will take up Crescent Place and Reyer Ave and Springer Ave
  • Conversion former School 19 (emptied for 20 years) to market rate apartments by Alma Realty (Total cost: $228 Million)
  • Alexander Street Re-development: YIDA voted to acquire 3 parcels of land(Bus depot on Alexander St along the downtown waterfront → NYC owns MTA bus garage) → trying to use portion of it for already approved residential and commercial development
  • YIDA is trying to acquire 2 parcels (by eminent domain) along Ravine Ave near Point Street (owner is in significant tax arrears) for a new school
  • YIDA is trying to acquire another lot (former funeral home) at Yonkers Ave and Currans Lane for a parking lot