Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Project

1. Bergen Hudson Light Rail might be sooner than expected

  • Federal Transportation Department approved Environmental study for this project
  • Need to pass the hearing and the budget plan
  • Concern: The State planned to use the fund from gasoline tax increase →  But more urgent repair for roads and bridges
  • Bergen county residence will ride to Manhattan by train 
  • Rail Stations: 
     North Bergen: 91st St on Route 1 & 9 to accommodate 123 vehicles
     Ridgefield: South of Hendricks Causeway, west of Broad Ave for 269 vehicles with drop off area
     Palisades Park: At Ruby Ave, South of Fairview Ave for 219 vehicles with drop off area
     Leonia: At abandoned basketball court in Overpeck County Park, extended to South of Fort Lee for 583 vehicles (4 story parking deck) Pull over access for bus and train transfer
     Englewood Route 4:  At West Nordhoff Pl with center island platform. 3 story parking deck for 945 vehicles
     Englewood Town Center: East of North Van Brunt St and west of South Dean St. Current parking space will be re-configured
     Englewood Hospital: Pedestrian overpass to the garage, 600 space will be leased to NJ Transit, Side platform to be built along North Dean St between Durie Ave and Cambridge Ave

2. Let’s keep Hudson-Bergen Light Rail project in right track 

  • 17 years ago, this light rail began to operate in Jersey City
  • NJ Transit’s light rail system → One of most successful in the nation (50,000 daily passengers at 24 stations)
  • Expectation: 24,740 passengers will board at 7 new stations → NJ is corridor state
  • Need to make sure the state representatives on Capital Hills redouble their efforts to secure federal funds for HBLR and new Gateway Rail Tunnels projects
  • HBLR is expected to get $300 Million ~ $500 Million from New Starts program (Total cost about $1 Billion)
  • Hope this extension is so successful → could extend further north to Bergen County

3. Hudson-Bergen Light Rail project hearing on 4/24 in Englewood (Crowne Plaza Hotel)

  • More than 100 residents and elected officials spoke out
  • Most of elected officials supported Boon for Englewood / City and suburbs are threatened by the lack of access to New York
  • One Councilman (Eugene Skurnick) opposed the plan rail road blocks major city roadways
  • The proposal will extend 10 miles, adding 7 stations